Mamma Teresa Italian Restaurant

Simply the best restaurant in Kingsford

Welcome to Mamma Teresa's

Our secret of success at Mamma Teresa Italian restaurant in Kingsford is simple – there is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, just like the warmth and hospitality of a traditional Italian trattoria.

This busy spot has been “home” to many locals and not-so-locals for more than 20 years. They keep coming to enjoy an enormous selection of genuine Italian cuisine.

The food is delicious – always fresh, and the servings large. (Some people say they’re enormous!)

We go out of our way to make you feel at home. Feeling comfortable and relaxed enhances your dining experience.

The food is delicious and the ambience is exceptional. We keep our prices fair and affordable. Mamma Teresa is not like any other restaurant – it is simply the best place to eat in Kingsford.